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Industrial Training

We, CBITSS are pioneer in IT Education Industry along with S/W and Web development. Our sole aim at CBITSS is to educate the students and give them as much information on Informational Technology as we can.

CBTISS has undertaken the task of equipping students, working professionals and trainers in various fields of technology. CBTISS poses as an intermediate between the demands of information technology and corresponding readiness of students to learn.

No doubt we are a development company but, just to fulfil the industry’s Technical man power requirement, we also train the students according to industrial requirement.


Along with the your industrial training we will also provide a 3 month WORK EXPERIENCE.

PD will be offered along with all the courses ,as it is most important to get a job. Workshop on latest technology like Advance Micro processor, Cloud computing , Grid computing and Ethical hacking etc.. will be included in their Industrial Training, which will be provided to the students on regular basis.

?????????????? Guest lecturers will also be provided to uplift the overall technical set of the student.??COURSES:-

Ethical Hacking


CCNA, CCNPPHP (with CMS & WHM)LAMP(Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP)SEO (search Engine Optimization)MCITP

JAVA (core and advance)





We have industry people to train you according to industry use the following methodology for six months Industrial Training :-

??Technology?? background :??Project Process ( PPF – Project Proposal Form)??Project Planning??Research using academic sources??Referencing and Plagiarism??Thesis writing up (project report)??Oral and poster presentation (viva)


The Word “Computer” comes from the word “compute”, which means “to calculate”. Hence, people usually consider a computer to be a calculating device that can perform arthmetic operation at high fact, the original objective for inventing a computer was to create a fast calculating machine. However, more than 80% of work done by computers today is of non-mathematical or non numerical nature.Hence, to define a computer merely as a calculating device is to ignore over 80% of its function.

Hence, data comes in various shapes and sizes depending upon the type of computer application. A computer can store, process, and retrive data as and when desired. The fact that computers process data is so fundamental that many people have sarted calling it is a data processor.

The data processor?? more inclusive because modern computer not only compute in the usual sense but also perform other function with data that flows to and from activity of processing data using a computer is called?? data processor.?? Data processor?? consists of three sub-activites : capturing input data, manipulating the data, and managing output results. As used in data processing, information is data arranged in an order and form that is useful to provide receiving it.Hence data is raw material used as input to data processing and information is processed data obtained as output of data processing.

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iPad Software Development-Debunking Some Myths

iPad is somewhat newer thing for many since people used to with mobiles so they easily adapted iPhone, but in contrast it is not for everyone. Though recent craze for iPad and its selling numbers frustrates many who were sharing belief that it is not for everyone. Despite this tremendous spread among the mass of entire world iPad software development has some myths that need to be exposed and provide facts so let’s see 1st that which myths prevailing in the market of this handheld device.

iPad Apps are made for specific people

This myth was true when App store has very few apps at initial stage so those apps were applicable for certain sections of the society like entrepreneurs and businessmen from medium and large businesses. With the pace of time an advancement of in technologies in iPad made it thing-in and created a vast user base. Now, the developers have big market to make some fortunes in App store so plenty of apps are available in different categories like in iPhone and serving all kind of the people for their different purposes through iPad software development.

iPad software development takes a day only

There are no magic or software exists on the planet that creates app within a day as it happens in case of one page or small websites. iPad software development involves conceptualization, research, analysis, planning, wireframing, coding, testing and finally approval in App store so the whole process consumes sometime according to size and complexities of the projects. This whole process happens step-by-step in the sequence draws here with proper flow.

iPad software development is a costly affair

it was absolutely true at initial stage when there was acute shortage of iPad developers evidenced in the market, but protrusion of outsourcing development companies have dilute the market and made available quality development with affordable prices, especially due to stiff competition among these companies. If a big enterprise thinks of iPad software development then it is still costly, but not that extent that was before so now they can afford the cost in exchange of the quality and high ROI.

Low success rate of iPad software development in App store

If you consider the iPad 2 and iPad Mini you will realized that there are plenty of apps available in App store and a big chunk of apps getting good market. This is due to increased volume of hardware in the market so it brings variations in the users and their choices so every categories performing excellent in numbers of downloading so if you have creative, useful and scalable applications then there are meager chances to see a failure.


Current Trick to Guess Deeds

We focus mostly on behaviors, which people lives around us or we love them most. As concerned they have value wrapped worth for us. So sometime, if they are in good mood we want to share some tricky jokes to endure this. And sometime if they are not in charm gesture or we feel they are sad, we try to put hard effort to make them happy and all time happier even before, as relation concerned we know very well how we can proof you to make their mood amusing. We can use poetry for this purpose too. Poetry uses forms and caucus to advise discrepancy construal to words, or to suggest touchy retort.

So we mostly send Poems and other romantic lines to them. Source can be differing like via sms, cards or make a phone call. The utilize of vagueness, doubt, representation, imagery, sarcasm and other stylistic basics of elegiac enunciation often leaves a poem open to numerous interpretation. Some poetry sort is detailed and exact to scrupulous society, mores and variety and responds to individuality of the language in which the poet writes. Readers familiarized to classify poetry with Dante, Goethe, Mickiewicz and Rumi may think of it as written in lines support on rhyme and regular meter; however, there are background, such as Biblical poetry, that use other funds to create rhythm and euphony. Much modern poetry imitate a appraisal of poetic belief, playing with and hard, among other things, the principle of euphony itself, sometimes all told forgoing rhyme or set rhythm.

In today’s ever more globalized world, writer or lyrics writer often adapts forms, manner and procedure from various background and speech. It can be distinguish into many cultures too. People get knowledge about other areas based customs. Through internet it became much easy day by day. Many users use Chat room on internet to make new relations and connections. So we have the gen, the computers with internet reduce all gap all breaks. And fill up all the holes. We can see computer in each home in this era. Even people love to carry it in traveling while they are moving here and there. They put it with because of official meetings or other business plans. So a personal computer is become a need now a days. A personal computer that calls PC too is common function computer whose extent, facility, and original sales price make it useful for persons, and which is intended to be maneuver straight by an end user with no overriding computer operative. In difference with the batch giving out or time allocation models which allowed superior, more classy minicomputer and processor systems to be used by lots of people, usually at the same time.

Large data processing systems necessitate a full time worker to run professionally. So it is based on data, Programming and other computer languages based study. Many more students are now involving in this and bringing a massive latest technology in the field of information technology and all others related or linked it.


Getting Familiar with Windows Phone 8 App Development

The world is now a well-known place for mobile applications owing to widespread popularity of android and iOS platforms. Both the giant players in the mobile technology domain keep on inspiring mobile developers to come up with utilitarian apps. Taking a leaf out of it, MS Windows is also quick to join the party to help the developers churn huge monetary benefits from Windows Phone (WP) development.

As compared to the other platforms, mobile development in this OS is in its nascent stage. Still it is making all attempts to catch pace with the surging market trends. In the run, dedicated companies and professionals prefer catering to the latest technology tools, and with the surfacing of Windows Phone 8 on the horizon, their aspirations are now gaining even further heights.

Windows Phone Development Platforms

With the release of WP 8, programmers find it far convenient to develop feature rich apps for Windows store. Moreover, SDK 8.0 itself holds immense capabilities and has almost everything that you want to build and test your app. Some of its useful tools include:

Besides these, the need for other platforms is also of utmost significance for development in this vertical, such as:

Similarities between Windows 8 and WP 8 OS

Windows 8, together with Windows Phone 8 has given an effectual boost to the developers as both the OS have multiple features in common. Prominent of these include:

Types and name spaces of controls in both the operating systems are however different.

With such wide array of APIs and features, Windows Phone development is all set to compete with the best mobile app platforms in the contemporary market. Furthermore, availability of all the requisite tools within the software development kit itself makes the operating system a relevant choice for mobile application development.

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CSharp in Website Development


C# is a computer programming language developed by Microsoft in the Year 1999. It was later integrated in the Dot Net framework to build high class application and dynamic website development. The C# development team is lead by Anders Hejlsberg. The main reason for developing C# was to control growing JAVA share in the internet. Microsoft combined the important features of C, C++ and Java to give this new language and was successful in bringing their own language to challenge the large presence of Java. C# works on the concepts of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Systems.) which brings an application development according to the OOPS pillars. These pillars are

1) Abstraction – It means programming in such a manner so that the implementation details remain hidden from the users.

2) Inheritance – It means making use of the reusable codes.

3) Polymorphism – It means allowing a function of the same name to work in different ways

4) Encapsulation – It means data hiding from the users.

Microsoft integrated C# in the Dot Net framework and was used with to perform high class website development. In fact it gave the ability to outperform JSP (Java Server Pages) share in dynamic website development. It gave web programmers to use OOPS concepts in their website development work and in the matter of some years they were able to do highly sophisticated website development like e-commerce, banking, payment systems etc.

In the next section I will give you information of how C# helps in dynamic website development. It will be a good source of information to you to choose C# as the preferred programming language in your website development task.

C# in a Little depth and its use in website development

By this time everybody was able to see the powerful nature of C# in the programming world. By using C# in Dot Net framework Microsoft was not only able to get a big share in the application world but also showed its power in the website development areas. It was given thumbs up by the web developers and programmers, they liked this language and used it in website development to create high quality website which were not seen before.

In the website development it provides dynamic nature to static websites. Dynamic content of the website is stored in the database and it is used to retrieve this dynamic content based on some query. C# can also be use in website development for providing authentication like making entry in restricted areas of the website with only userid and password. Also in today’s e-commerce digital world C# keeps tracks of millions of product data, payments etc of e-commerce website which would be impossible without a programming language.

C# in Dot Net

C# (CSharp) is use in dot net framework to build powerful applications and websites. As we all know it is used in website development with to build dynamic website. In website development with C#(using dot net framework), the static content of the website is placed in the .aspx file where as the dynamic content is placed on the .cs file. Thus a web page with name index made in dot net framework will have and files. The .aspx files contains server controls where as .cs files are use to work on these controls dynamically using there instance. For example if there is a server text box in the .aspx file then to write hello in this text box from the c# page we have to write. =”hello”; Here textbox1 is the instance or name of this server control.

This is only a simple code in fact website development can have thousands of lines of code per page. Each web page performs specific task. Here these tasks are programmed in C#

In the End

So in this article we have seen how C# controls the programming world and its use in website development.

Learning C# can be a difficult task as there are hundreds of books available in the net to learn this language but when you do then you have to power to control the programming world.


The Need For Cloud Computing Service Developers is Increasing

As various business clients are fighting with issues of extreme cost, complexity in logic and need for increasing speed, cloud technologies are looked upon as a vehicle for change. Today, implementing new applications requires a specific budget especially for processes required including designing, building and testing. Also, there are no upfront infrastructure costs which help small and medium companies to settle and do business.Application development is dependent on hardware, storage along with strong network availability. Project schedules face lagging due to different dependencies.

The cloud computing is one of the primary platforms for many organizations and aids application development of varying periods. It has recently become the biggest focus in the IT community. For decades, there was no solution for companies who required more data and computation capacity, since they had to invest in hardware or increase the efficiency of IT operations.

This put an additional burden on the finances. Nowadays, computing has offered an affordable approach to IT delivery with the leasing option of processing capacity from different interconnected, shared computing systems which are maintained by several cloud service providers. computing benefits are many including agility; elasticity and cost-efficiency. One can scale resource allocation schemes as and when wanted from different services providers.

It is necessary though that the software of the services need to be engineered specifically. Many organizations find it better to migrate their existing applications to well-known, efficient platforms. Migration sorts out differences between different programming models along with data storage and differences in processes including quality assurance, different development methods and platforms, software implementation approaches, security, and varied deployment options. Each of them need to be addressed while implementing practical cloud-based services and solutions, especially if the solutions are required for an industrial setup.

A new cloud platform architecture has taken birth recently called Data Protection as a Service which aims to reduce the per-application development effort which is required essentially for data protection while allowing maintenance operations. To analyze the cloud dependability, one can assess the services provided by Amazon Web Services. The performance variability of cloud services is assessed and researched for effectiveness for large-scale applications.

There is a huge challenge to enterprise adoption since cloud technologies do not grant visibility into the effort and cost of migration. One can alternatively opt for an approach to generate test methods for simulating the behaviour of real-time environment. One can test cloud applications hosted on the cloud and then offer support for cloud development processes, automated software engineering techniques for the cloud.

There are tools which support decision-making especially during the migration process of IT systems to the cloud. The modelling tool establishes the cost of IaaS. It helps in comparing the cost of a plethora of cloud providers and varied deployment options. The second tool delineates the benefits and risks of making use of IaaS from the enterprise perspective and provides the early peep into risk assessment. The cloud services providers assist many organizations in more ways than one and deliver what they do best, by offering cost-effective scalable resources for everyone.


Hire Drupal CMS Developer for Three Vital Cs – Cost Customization & Characteristics

Cost, customization & characteristics are vital factors that made this open source content management system unique. Open source products are usually freely available and web development practices with open source products automatically cuts down the cost. Hire Drupal developer is a great model in the modern times when every online business entity is seeking affordable solution for web development needs. Drupal developers / programmers and designers are best technical human resources that can provide robust Drupal development solution in this complex web development environment. A long list of useful characteristics of Drupal technology is not only provides simple developing environment to Drupal programmers, but help the merchants to control & manage the system optimally.

Any technology, programming language and web development tool only becomes special when the developers utilize it optimally. The development of best custom web application not only depends on the technology, but the programmer or developer makes it best for the user. Drupal CMS Developer on rent can do amazing for online business and he can appropriately use the technology according to specific needs of your business. The easiest availability of this cost effective, powerful and highly proficient human resource is hiring him from any reliable offshore outsourcing web development company. Hire Drupal CMS developers for developing & designing dynamic websites. Drupal framework is appropriate for all kinds of web applications. Different web players usually hire Drupal CMS developer for different kind of web products such as eCommerce applications, social networking sites, resource directories, intranet applications, community web portals, auction sites and corporate websites.

The other technologies and databases, which can be used with Drupal, are UNIX, Linux, Apache, windows, Mac OS X, etc. The characteristics or features of Drupal are many and hired Drupal CMS Developer can derive them for developing powerful web applications. The few common feature of Drupal are customized alterations & integrations in the existing websites and simple translation of text and graphical user interface. The very common web activity on the web is integrations of new features in the pre-developed websites according to current needs of online business. Drupal is flexible and allow proficient Drupal developers / programmers to perform custom modifications & integrations such as audio-videos, photo galleries, text boxes and addition & deletion. Well, Drupal is active on the web for the last many years in dynamic & interactive website development and supported by strong community. Ultimately, to have three Cs such as Cost, Customization & Characteristics in your online business, hire Drupal CMS a developeris not a bad idea.

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Oracle E-business Suite R12 A Powerful Business Solution

Are you troubled by mounting costs and reduced productivity in your entity? Have you been wondering why all your investments in technology have failed to deliver expected results? If so, here’s what you need to know: Investments in technology do not always translate into better productivity or improved performance. They key is to invest in the right technology that best serves the requirements of your entity. The technology you choose should not only enable you to make process improvements, but should also contribute to your bottom-line profits. And that is what Oracle’s E-Business Suite is designed to do. By simplifying and standardizing your business operations this solution can bring great value to your enterprise.

The Oracle E-Business Suite is an integrated, comprehensive, and industry-focused suite of applications designed to cater to your specific business needs. It is scalable, and comes with built-in industry best practices that help in rapidly implementing process changes favorable to your business. The key features of Oracle E-Business Suite include a wide range of applications with built-in industry-specific functionality, scalable solutions that can integrate with existing applications, and best-in-class process flows that enable better performance. While this suite can be very helpful in achieving better productivity, the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite, the Oracle EBS R12, has been designed to do much more.

Oracle EBS R12 comes with enhancements such as a rich and customizable user interface, modern look and feel, and simplified integration capability. Some of the features of its improved user interface are:

* Rapid cross-responsibility and cross-application navigation

* Ability to add and manage ‘Favorites’ with a single click

* Ability to control features by profile option

This improved version of Oracle EBS also comes with a next-generation development framework, which allows you to increase productivity and provides ease of use while promoting service-oriented development with built-in best practices and reusable business services. Also, its standard-based oracle technology and deployment platform offer a unique edge over all other solutions. This framework also provides end-to-end coverage for security and customization.

On the whole, Oracle EBS R12 can prove highly valuable to your business for the following reasons:

* It provides greater end-user productivity through enhanced rich user interactions

* Offers enhanced personalization capabilities that reduce extent of customizations thereby lowering TCO

* Enables better integration with Fusion Middleware technologies like ADF to bring in modern technologies to your enterprise

So opting for Oracle EBS is a great idea. If you have been using Oracle EBS, you should consider upgrading to the R12 version to enjoy many more benefits.


Instant Forex Profit Robot

For individuals who are unfamiliar with the foreign exchange it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where or how to begin investing. The undertaking of trying to understand the market and the types of investments that can lead to a profit can be difficult for a newcomer to grasp ahold of on their own. Even experienced foreign exchange investors will often struggle stay on top of the market and have a challenging time staying on top of the investing news that is essential for making a profit in the foreign exchange market. The Instant Forex profit robot is the perfect investing solution for anyone that wants to make a profit from investing in the foreign exchange market. The Instant Forex profit robot will analyze forex Tips and capitalize on profitable trades.

Automated Trading

The Instant Forex profit robot is the perfect investing solution for anyone with a busy schedule and who is looking to make a profit quickly in the foreign exchange market. This automated trader will analyze, evaluate, and trade in the foreign exchange marketplace providing you with a significant profit. Individuals that utilize the Instant Forex profit robot will enjoy:

??? Financial and time freedom

??? Automatic trading that will complete trades without any assistance from you

??? A profit made from over 80% of the trades conducted

??? Real time trading

??? Making a profit with absolutely no experience in the trading market

??? Between 10 to 100 Pips for each trade

The Instant Forex profit robot is the perfect solution for all individuals who want to be able to make profitable investments around the clock. This revolutionary technology allows every individual the opportunity to enjoy trading and to reap the rewards of profitable trades 24 hours a day.

Limitless Opportunity

Through using the Instant Forex profit robot it is possible for you to break into the Forex trading market and to turn a profit. Finding profitable investments can be extremely challenging for any individual that invests in any marketplace. However, the technology of the Instant Forex profit robot makes it possible for truly anyone to succeed in the challenging foreign exchange market. This automated program will:

??? Monitor the market 24 hours a day

??? Trade automatically when the time is right to maximize profits

??? Minimize losses through making targeted trades

??? Automatically calculate your stop loss

??? Provides you with an easy to understand chart that shows you exactly which trades are being done and their results

The most amazing aspect of this trader is that it does not just provide you with financial freedom, but also time freedom. You do not have to be tied to your computer or stuck analyzing loads of data trying to determine when you should be buying and selling. You are able to live and enjoy your life while you are also making profitable investments in the foreign exchange market. The Forex Tips provided by this automated trading robot have the ability to significantly assist individuals in finding a profit in the foreign exchange market.