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Oracle E-business Suite R12 A Powerful Business Solution

Are you troubled by mounting costs and reduced productivity in your entity? Have you been wondering why all your investments in technology have failed to deliver expected results? If so, here’s what you need to know: Investments in technology do not always translate into better productivity or improved performance. They key is to invest in the right technology that best serves the requirements of your entity. The technology you choose should not only enable you to make process improvements, but should also contribute to your bottom-line profits. And that is what Oracle’s E-Business Suite is designed to do. By simplifying and standardizing your business operations this solution can bring great value to your enterprise.

The Oracle E-Business Suite is an integrated, comprehensive, and industry-focused suite of applications designed to cater to your specific business needs. It is scalable, and comes with built-in industry best practices that help in rapidly implementing process changes favorable to your business. The key features of Oracle E-Business Suite include a wide range of applications with built-in industry-specific functionality, scalable solutions that can integrate with existing applications, and best-in-class process flows that enable better performance. While this suite can be very helpful in achieving better productivity, the latest version of Oracle E-Business Suite, the Oracle EBS R12, has been designed to do much more.

Oracle EBS R12 comes with enhancements such as a rich and customizable user interface, modern look and feel, and simplified integration capability. Some of the features of its improved user interface are:

* Rapid cross-responsibility and cross-application navigation

* Ability to add and manage ‘Favorites’ with a single click

* Ability to control features by profile option

This improved version of Oracle EBS also comes with a next-generation development framework, which allows you to increase productivity and provides ease of use while promoting service-oriented development with built-in best practices and reusable business services. Also, its standard-based oracle technology and deployment platform offer a unique edge over all other solutions. This framework also provides end-to-end coverage for security and customization.

On the whole, Oracle EBS R12 can prove highly valuable to your business for the following reasons:

* It provides greater end-user productivity through enhanced rich user interactions

* Offers enhanced personalization capabilities that reduce extent of customizations thereby lowering TCO

* Enables better integration with Fusion Middleware technologies like ADF to bring in modern technologies to your enterprise

So opting for Oracle EBS is a great idea. If you have been using Oracle EBS, you should consider upgrading to the R12 version to enjoy many more benefits.