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CSharp in Website Development


C# is a computer programming language developed by Microsoft in the Year 1999. It was later integrated in the Dot Net framework to build high class application and dynamic website development. The C# development team is lead by Anders Hejlsberg. The main reason for developing C# was to control growing JAVA share in the internet. Microsoft combined the important features of C, C++ and Java to give this new language and was successful in bringing their own language to challenge the large presence of Java. C# works on the concepts of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Systems.) which brings an application development according to the OOPS pillars. These pillars are

1) Abstraction – It means programming in such a manner so that the implementation details remain hidden from the users.

2) Inheritance – It means making use of the reusable codes.

3) Polymorphism – It means allowing a function of the same name to work in different ways

4) Encapsulation – It means data hiding from the users.

Microsoft integrated C# in the Dot Net framework and was used with to perform high class website development. In fact it gave the ability to outperform JSP (Java Server Pages) share in dynamic website development. It gave web programmers to use OOPS concepts in their website development work and in the matter of some years they were able to do highly sophisticated website development like e-commerce, banking, payment systems etc.

In the next section I will give you information of how C# helps in dynamic website development. It will be a good source of information to you to choose C# as the preferred programming language in your website development task.

C# in a Little depth and its use in website development

By this time everybody was able to see the powerful nature of C# in the programming world. By using C# in Dot Net framework Microsoft was not only able to get a big share in the application world but also showed its power in the website development areas. It was given thumbs up by the web developers and programmers, they liked this language and used it in website development to create high quality website which were not seen before.

In the website development it provides dynamic nature to static websites. Dynamic content of the website is stored in the database and it is used to retrieve this dynamic content based on some query. C# can also be use in website development for providing authentication like making entry in restricted areas of the website with only userid and password. Also in today’s e-commerce digital world C# keeps tracks of millions of product data, payments etc of e-commerce website which would be impossible without a programming language.

C# in Dot Net

C# (CSharp) is use in dot net framework to build powerful applications and websites. As we all know it is used in website development with to build dynamic website. In website development with C#(using dot net framework), the static content of the website is placed in the .aspx file where as the dynamic content is placed on the .cs file. Thus a web page with name index made in dot net framework will have and files. The .aspx files contains server controls where as .cs files are use to work on these controls dynamically using there instance. For example if there is a server text box in the .aspx file then to write hello in this text box from the c# page we have to write. =”hello”; Here textbox1 is the instance or name of this server control.

This is only a simple code in fact website development can have thousands of lines of code per page. Each web page performs specific task. Here these tasks are programmed in C#

In the End

So in this article we have seen how C# controls the programming world and its use in website development.

Learning C# can be a difficult task as there are hundreds of books available in the net to learn this language but when you do then you have to power to control the programming world.