A Brief Overview on Ecommerce Development

Electronic commerce or commonly known as ecommerce is an electronic marketing system which allows selling and buying of products and services over the internet. Ecommerce development and its solutions have always comprised the organizations, businesses and companies around the world by serving as an excellent internet marketing model.

Being a selling and buying platform, solutions via ecommerce websites also aids the organizations in many other ways including increasing their business presence, allowing them to provide better customer service, increase their business efficiencies and to increase their return on investment. More importantly, ecommerce development provides a solution in the form of a web based software application which is easy to use and operate and requires almost no technical knowledge to maintain, edit and manage.

The major advantages of solutions via ecommerce development could be:

1. Serves as a prominent buying and selling platform over the internet.

2. Ecommerce development could be developed on both, Open Source platform as well as on Microsoft platform, based on the requirements of the stakeholder.

3. Ecommerce website includes an admin panel, which is web based software application which allows the stakeholder to easily manage and maintain every facet of the website including product catalog, merchandising, promotions, sales, customers, even contents such as texts, animation, images, and much more, without any technical knowledge.

4. Provides solution for an array of industries including retail, manufacturing, apparels, electronics, consumer goods and much more.

5. Can be integrated even for smartphone and tablet devices such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone 7.

6. Complete product portfolio and catalogs can be integrated, along with audio and video streaming.

7. Allows the businesses to deal with customers, whole sellers and distributors by serving as both B2C and B2B model.

8. Aids the organizations in many other ways including increasing their business presence, allowing them to provide better customer service, increase their business efficiencies and to increase their return on investment.

9. User friendly interface with easy navigation between products and services.

10. Allows the organizations to manage clients, affiliates, vendors, customer data, MIS, modules and more, by acting as a complete product management tool.

11. Online payment gateways such as Visa, MasterCard, VeriSign, PayPal etc. could be integrated.

12. Can be incorporated with chat, email and SMS notification.

13. Serves as a complete online process of marketing, which includes developing, buying, selling, paying, delivering and servicing of products and services.

Inevitable to say that every business enterprise ranging from manufacturing to retail, marketing to sales, production to construction and to many more, is constantly searching for innovative and cutting edge technological solution which can allow them to increase their business efficiencies along with increased market presence, increase customer base, increased sales and better customer support. Solutions offered by ecommerce development have proven to be an effective and efficient measurement, meeting these chronic requirements of today’s businesses.


5 Points to Keep in Mind While Designing Mobile Apps

Oscillating between deciding to go with Native Code or PhoneGap

PhoneGap enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, instead of often less-known languages such as Objective-C. The resulting applications are hybrid, meaning that they are neither truly native nor purely web based. PhoneGap uses a single code base for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 7, mobile web) whereas Objective C only supports iOS.

There are quite a few benefits of building a mobile app in Phone gap over native language. It just requires HTML5/CSS/Javascript skills vs. Objective-C or Java.

Considering the advantages of creating a mobile app in Phone gap, we worked on creating a Notes app for iPhone using this framework. We mostly had all the fields available with third party controls, so it took us very less time to make the app work. But the issues related to performance turned out to be a major ship stopper. We noticed a lag in performance when drawing the Inking, or fetching the screenshot of a typed URL.

5 points that can quickly help you decide

1) Startups in industries like fashion, photography, medicine and so on, planning to build consumer apps and looking for processing intensive apps that require functionalities like resizing the images, cropping them and storing them in different sizes; for this target group we recommend using native code.

2) If you absolutely require a neat interface flow that makes good smart phones such a joy to use, you must go with native app development as HTML 5 based apps run the risk of feeling jerky.

3) PhoneGap is also not recommended for apps that require functionality that makes lots of calls to the OS such as geo location.

4) On the other hand, PhoneGap is highly recommended for those looking for more cost effective cross platform development. Such apps are faster to market, easier to repurpose, relies on less costly, less specialist skills for implementation, and better suited to existing work flows in design / technology agencies.

5) For beginners starting from scratch, learning development in PhoneGap is no easier than starting to learn for native Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Symbian or any other.

What we advice

As clearly evident from this discussion, there are pros and cons to each approach. As a Company, we will continue using a mix of both approaches and take a decision based on the requirement of the app.

We recommended using PhoneGap with simple apps to get best coverage over multiple platforms with least effort. If application logic needs more phone specific features, then at first stage core app can be written in HTML5 and Javascript and extended with plugins which are written in native code by others or yourself.

Applications that rely heavily on phone building hardware is better to be written in native code, it makes the app perform better and nothing beats native code in compatibility.

Although Web technologies haven’t achieved the level of performance we can attain with native code, but it’s getting close. We’re hopeful that Web technologies will soon become indistinguishable from native experiences.


How Dot Net Affects ROI?

An important point to keep in mind is that every new software designed helps in increasing revenue or decreasing cost. At the same time, one should also take into account the cost and time required to develop it, as these two are also important parameters that are taken into consideration by senior management. Web solutions developed should be on time and on budget.

There are many reasons why .Net is used in development of Software? How does it affect ROI?

Firstly, this language has many re-useable codes and re-useable components that a developer finds it easy, as he/she does not has to write many codes and thus, it takes less time to develop applications and in turn, less cost, which augments ROI. It means that software or an application developed has more chances of helping a company in increasing revenue or decreasing cost.

Secondly, scalability factor in .NET helps in appreciating ROI. It is helpful for a software development company that starts as a small organization, but grow very quickly. Applications developed in .NET helps in scaling and supporting additional load, which means less time is required in re-developing applications.

Thirdly, the maintainability aspect associated with .NET helps in lowering the total cost of software’s ownership. Due to easily modified configuration settings, one need not have to rewrite cede, which helps in maintenance of the software. It is therefore that maintenance of .Net software is quick and easy.

Fourthly, gone are the days, when software deployment was considered as an intricate task, due to number of DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) that a developer has to deploy and registered on a computer. It was a challenging task to make sure that all DLLs co-exist. At the same time, managing different versions was a bigger challenge.

.NET brought solution to all these problems by allowing different versions of similar DLL to exist simultaneously.

Fifthly, .NET is well known for being a reliable engine in designing of software. Software developers are very much pleased with the reliability of .NET running on different servers. It has incorporated checks and balances to ensure smooth running of a system, which is an important necessity of a business.

Sixthly, the security aspect has also been taken into consideration while framework. A single flaw can be fatal to the company and might lead to decreased customer confidence.

Seventhly, web solutions or applications developed in .NET can run on desktop, mobile, internet browser, PDA, etc, thus it helps in developing a cross platform. It allows developers to reuse codes and thus, use same development environment. It makes software more productive.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, .NET has service-oriented architecture, interoperation with existing applications and integration with legacy system that add up to its advantages and thus, make it easy for a web development company in designing of robust applications.

It can be concluded that .NET has been much helpful to a software development company and has made its tasks of designing web applications much easier than what it used to be few years back.


Current Trick to Guess Deeds

We focus mostly on behaviors, which people lives around us or we love them most. As concerned they have value wrapped worth for us. So sometime, if they are in good mood we want to share some tricky jokes to endure this. And sometime if they are not in charm gesture or we feel they are sad, we try to put hard effort to make them happy and all time happier even before, as relation concerned we know very well how we can proof you to make their mood amusing. We can use poetry for this purpose too. Poetry uses forms and caucus to advise discrepancy construal to words, or to suggest touchy retort.

So we mostly send Poems and other romantic lines to them. Source can be differing like via sms, cards or make a phone call. The utilize of vagueness, doubt, representation, imagery, sarcasm and other stylistic basics of elegiac enunciation often leaves a poem open to numerous interpretation. Some poetry sort is detailed and exact to scrupulous society, mores and variety and responds to individuality of the language in which the poet writes. Readers familiarized to classify poetry with Dante, Goethe, Mickiewicz and Rumi may think of it as written in lines support on rhyme and regular meter; however, there are background, such as Biblical poetry, that use other funds to create rhythm and euphony. Much modern poetry imitate a appraisal of poetic belief, playing with and hard, among other things, the principle of euphony itself, sometimes all told forgoing rhyme or set rhythm.

In today’s ever more globalized world, writer or lyrics writer often adapts forms, manner and procedure from various background and speech. It can be distinguish into many cultures too. People get knowledge about other areas based customs. Through internet it became much easy day by day. Many users use Chat room on internet to make new relations and connections. So we have the gen, the computers with internet reduce all gap all breaks. And fill up all the holes. We can see computer in each home in this era. Even people love to carry it in traveling while they are moving here and there. They put it with because of official meetings or other business plans. So a personal computer is become a need now a days. A personal computer that calls PC too is common function computer whose extent, facility, and original sales price make it useful for persons, and which is intended to be maneuver straight by an end user with no overriding computer operative. In difference with the batch giving out or time allocation models which allowed superior, more classy minicomputer and processor systems to be used by lots of people, usually at the same time.

Large data processing systems necessitate a full time worker to run professionally. So it is based on data, Programming and other computer languages based study. Many more students are now involving in this and bringing a massive latest technology in the field of information technology and all others related or linked it.


The Need For Cloud Computing Service Developers is Increasing

As various business clients are fighting with issues of extreme cost, complexity in logic and need for increasing speed, cloud technologies are looked upon as a vehicle for change. Today, implementing new applications requires a specific budget especially for processes required including designing, building and testing. Also, there are no upfront infrastructure costs which help small and medium companies to settle and do business.Application development is dependent on hardware, storage along with strong network availability. Project schedules face lagging due to different dependencies.

The cloud computing is one of the primary platforms for many organizations and aids application development of varying periods. It has recently become the biggest focus in the IT community. For decades, there was no solution for companies who required more data and computation capacity, since they had to invest in hardware or increase the efficiency of IT operations.

This put an additional burden on the finances. Nowadays, computing has offered an affordable approach to IT delivery with the leasing option of processing capacity from different interconnected, shared computing systems which are maintained by several cloud service providers. computing benefits are many including agility; elasticity and cost-efficiency. One can scale resource allocation schemes as and when wanted from different services providers.

It is necessary though that the software of the services need to be engineered specifically. Many organizations find it better to migrate their existing applications to well-known, efficient platforms. Migration sorts out differences between different programming models along with data storage and differences in processes including quality assurance, different development methods and platforms, software implementation approaches, security, and varied deployment options. Each of them need to be addressed while implementing practical cloud-based services and solutions, especially if the solutions are required for an industrial setup.

A new cloud platform architecture has taken birth recently called Data Protection as a Service which aims to reduce the per-application development effort which is required essentially for data protection while allowing maintenance operations. To analyze the cloud dependability, one can assess the services provided by Amazon Web Services. The performance variability of cloud services is assessed and researched for effectiveness for large-scale applications.

There is a huge challenge to enterprise adoption since cloud technologies do not grant visibility into the effort and cost of migration. One can alternatively opt for an approach to generate test methods for simulating the behaviour of real-time environment. One can test cloud applications hosted on the cloud and then offer support for cloud development processes, automated software engineering techniques for the cloud.

There are tools which support decision-making especially during the migration process of IT systems to the cloud. The modelling tool establishes the cost of IaaS. It helps in comparing the cost of a plethora of cloud providers and varied deployment options. The second tool delineates the benefits and risks of making use of IaaS from the enterprise perspective and provides the early peep into risk assessment. The cloud services providers assist many organizations in more ways than one and deliver what they do best, by offering cost-effective scalable resources for everyone.


Instant Forex Profit Robot

For individuals who are unfamiliar with the foreign exchange it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where or how to begin investing. The undertaking of trying to understand the market and the types of investments that can lead to a profit can be difficult for a newcomer to grasp ahold of on their own. Even experienced foreign exchange investors will often struggle stay on top of the market and have a challenging time staying on top of the investing news that is essential for making a profit in the foreign exchange market. The Instant Forex profit robot is the perfect investing solution for anyone that wants to make a profit from investing in the foreign exchange market. The Instant Forex profit robot will analyze forex Tips and capitalize on profitable trades.

Automated Trading

The Instant Forex profit robot is the perfect investing solution for anyone with a busy schedule and who is looking to make a profit quickly in the foreign exchange market. This automated trader will analyze, evaluate, and trade in the foreign exchange marketplace providing you with a significant profit. Individuals that utilize the Instant Forex profit robot will enjoy:

??? Financial and time freedom

??? Automatic trading that will complete trades without any assistance from you

??? A profit made from over 80% of the trades conducted

??? Real time trading

??? Making a profit with absolutely no experience in the trading market

??? Between 10 to 100 Pips for each trade

The Instant Forex profit robot is the perfect solution for all individuals who want to be able to make profitable investments around the clock. This revolutionary technology allows every individual the opportunity to enjoy trading and to reap the rewards of profitable trades 24 hours a day.

Limitless Opportunity

Through using the Instant Forex profit robot it is possible for you to break into the Forex trading market and to turn a profit. Finding profitable investments can be extremely challenging for any individual that invests in any marketplace. However, the technology of the Instant Forex profit robot makes it possible for truly anyone to succeed in the challenging foreign exchange market. This automated program will:

??? Monitor the market 24 hours a day

??? Trade automatically when the time is right to maximize profits

??? Minimize losses through making targeted trades

??? Automatically calculate your stop loss

??? Provides you with an easy to understand chart that shows you exactly which trades are being done and their results

The most amazing aspect of this trader is that it does not just provide you with financial freedom, but also time freedom. You do not have to be tied to your computer or stuck analyzing loads of data trying to determine when you should be buying and selling. You are able to live and enjoy your life while you are also making profitable investments in the foreign exchange market. The Forex Tips provided by this automated trading robot have the ability to significantly assist individuals in finding a profit in the foreign exchange market.