How Dot Net Affects ROI?

An important point to keep in mind is that every new software designed helps in increasing revenue or decreasing cost. At the same time, one should also take into account the cost and time required to develop it, as these two are also important parameters that are taken into consideration by senior management. Web solutions developed should be on time and on budget.

There are many reasons why .Net is used in development of Software? How does it affect ROI?

Firstly, this language has many re-useable codes and re-useable components that a developer finds it easy, as he/she does not has to write many codes and thus, it takes less time to develop applications and in turn, less cost, which augments ROI. It means that software or an application developed has more chances of helping a company in increasing revenue or decreasing cost.

Secondly, scalability factor in .NET helps in appreciating ROI. It is helpful for a software development company that starts as a small organization, but grow very quickly. Applications developed in .NET helps in scaling and supporting additional load, which means less time is required in re-developing applications.

Thirdly, the maintainability aspect associated with .NET helps in lowering the total cost of software’s ownership. Due to easily modified configuration settings, one need not have to rewrite cede, which helps in maintenance of the software. It is therefore that maintenance of .Net software is quick and easy.

Fourthly, gone are the days, when software deployment was considered as an intricate task, due to number of DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) that a developer has to deploy and registered on a computer. It was a challenging task to make sure that all DLLs co-exist. At the same time, managing different versions was a bigger challenge.

.NET brought solution to all these problems by allowing different versions of similar DLL to exist simultaneously.

Fifthly, .NET is well known for being a reliable engine in designing of software. Software developers are very much pleased with the reliability of .NET running on different servers. It has incorporated checks and balances to ensure smooth running of a system, which is an important necessity of a business.

Sixthly, the security aspect has also been taken into consideration while framework. A single flaw can be fatal to the company and might lead to decreased customer confidence.

Seventhly, web solutions or applications developed in .NET can run on desktop, mobile, internet browser, PDA, etc, thus it helps in developing a cross platform. It allows developers to reuse codes and thus, use same development environment. It makes software more productive.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, .NET has service-oriented architecture, interoperation with existing applications and integration with legacy system that add up to its advantages and thus, make it easy for a web development company in designing of robust applications.

It can be concluded that .NET has been much helpful to a software development company and has made its tasks of designing web applications much easier than what it used to be few years back.