Getting Familiar with Windows Phone 8 App Development

The world is now a well-known place for mobile applications owing to widespread popularity of android and iOS platforms. Both the giant players in the mobile technology domain keep on inspiring mobile developers to come up with utilitarian apps. Taking a leaf out of it, MS Windows is also quick to join the party to help the developers churn huge monetary benefits from Windows Phone (WP) development.

As compared to the other platforms, mobile development in this OS is in its nascent stage. Still it is making all attempts to catch pace with the surging market trends. In the run, dedicated companies and professionals prefer catering to the latest technology tools, and with the surfacing of Windows Phone 8 on the horizon, their aspirations are now gaining even further heights.

Windows Phone Development Platforms

With the release of WP 8, programmers find it far convenient to develop feature rich apps for Windows store. Moreover, SDK 8.0 itself holds immense capabilities and has almost everything that you want to build and test your app. Some of its useful tools include:

Besides these, the need for other platforms is also of utmost significance for development in this vertical, such as:

Similarities between Windows 8 and WP 8 OS

Windows 8, together with Windows Phone 8 has given an effectual boost to the developers as both the OS have multiple features in common. Prominent of these include:

Types and name spaces of controls in both the operating systems are however different.

With such wide array of APIs and features, Windows Phone development is all set to compete with the best mobile app platforms in the contemporary market. Furthermore, availability of all the requisite tools within the software development kit itself makes the operating system a relevant choice for mobile application development.