Reasons to Create a Unique 404 Error Page

If you use the Internet, then chances are high that you have seen at least one 404 error page. These pages are one of the most common errors that you can find on the Internet. These are use to tell the user that the link or web address that they have clicked on is not currently available. However, the link or address will be available at some point in the future. There are some errors that mean that the page that you were trying to access will no longer be available, but that is different than the 404 error.

Of course, when you receive this error, you may become frustrated. This is because you originally had the intentions to go to a specific page on the Internet, but you are unable to get to it. Most of the 404 error pages that you will find all have the same appearance, so seeing this page on a regular basis when you are trying to use the Internet can be a bother. However, there are some websites out there that have tried to fix the problem of having people see the same error page over and over again.

If you have your own website, then you may want to look into creating your own unique 404 error page for your site. Of course, you can use the same error page that everyone else does, but users become less upset when they are able to see that you have taken the time to create a different page. If you are not sure how to go about creating your own unique 404 error page, there are many different places that you can go on the Internet in order to find this information. You can even go to various websites that will assist you in creating your page.

If you know that one of the links on your website will be down for a while, then you should consider making a creative 404 error page. This is beneficial to your site because if your users and visitors see that you have taken the time to create a page, then chances are high that they will return to see when your link will be working again. If they receive the same simple page that everyone else uses, then you may end up losing some traffic to your site because they will not see that you have put any extra work into your page.

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10 Reasons for Choosing Outsourcing for Java Development

Keeping your eyes open is the first cure to avoid negative consequences of offshore web development. This tip was for ones who refer outsourcing as the most risky affair. Well, if you also think so then you need to think twice before rejecting this medium of business process because this trend is flourishing with a rapid rate. Usually, business owners fear with outsourcing because they cannot get their hands on their remotely located developers. So, the fear of being cheated exist in each second of this business process. Despite such ambiguities, the statistical chart of Java development outsourcing is increasing with an unprecedented rate. If you are also going to take decision on choosing or trashing this high-end mode of availing java development services then this post will be very helpful for you. Here are 10 reasons that will help you in taking a right decision.

Step: 1

Outsourcing Is Secured

Believe it or not, outsourcing is a secured way for availing high-end development services. You will only have to keep your eyes open while interacting with your virtual developers.

Step: 2

Don’t Confuse Your Programmer

Confusion is like a poison for any outsourcing job. Therefore, you should never try to confuse your coder during the development. Your coder will have all skills to develop great web applications. You just need to be by the side of your developer while coding process.

Step: 3

Be a Partner Instead of Employer

You agree with it or not but it is completely true that your virtual coders are independent professionals. They love to write codes as per their comfort level. Therefore, you should not try to put your feet into employer’s shoes. It will only increase the gap between you and your developer.

Step: 4

Go Friendly With Your Developer

You can behave friendly with your offshore developers for better development of your job. It will help you in earning the loyalty of your developer.

Step: 5

Think for the Long-Term

There are millions of customers, who keep looking for authentic clients as the employers look for authentic professionals. But, it is a very tough to job to do. So, you can think about hiring your developers on long-term basis. The long term inclines developers to keep working for the employer and maintain healthy relations. Therefore, you should try lasting association with your coders. Such association will also keep your Java website updated with all needful technical additions. Moreover, you will be able to keep your website loaded from all needful elements.

Step: 6

Never Pressurize Your Coder

You should never make pressure on your developers. It will simply let your coder perform their tasks comfortably. Usually, innovative professionals do not do great job in pressure. Therefore, you should not make pressure on your coders.

Step: 7

Participate In Development Process

You should try to take part in the development process of business website. Offshore coders usually like intelligent and attentive employers.

Step: 8

Appreciate Your Coders

You should try to appreciate your coders on development of interactive settings. The appreciation motivates offshore programmers for devoting their time and dedication.

Step: 9

Forget Bargaining

You should certainly not try bargaining for reduction in development cost. It will certainly disappoint your coders.

Step: 10

Cross Check Claims

You must crosscheck the claims of your hired coders by approaching their previous customers. By doing so, you will be able to understand the professional candidature of your programmer.

Step: 11

Hire Legally

You must hire your programming staff on a contract. Your contract will ensure the availability of qualitative services within a short period.

So, just follow these steps and outsource java development job to a credible condign agency.


Vancouver Software Programmers For Ultimate Outsourcing Solution

Get flexible outsourcing solution to hire Vancouver Software programmers to satisfy the array of web development services under one roof with a cost effective budget plan.

In the desire for professional-class web development services, the most of business owners and entrepreneurs are shifting towards Vancouver Software programmers to get their project accomplished. The soaring demand could be seen due to their promising skills and high quality benchmark. In the race of global competition, every business seeks for unique and exceptional online presence, which could help in targeting maximum of its potential customers smoothly. In the recent years, every small size to medium scale business is striving hard to launch its services online by the means of World Wide Web. So whatever the reason, software developer is the key the basic key to get your business established online.

Though, to understand the role of a software programmer, one should be finely aware of what web development is all about? The Website Development Vancouver. could be described as an essential process to build a site for intranet (private network) or internet (World Wide Web). Developing websites is not an easy job; therefore people are trusting software programmers Vancouver to receive out-of-the-box end results. The software professionals are experts in the diverse field of design, development and software project management and their jobs revolve around myriad of things like requirement analysis, software design, code coding and implementation, configuration network and server security, testing, maintenance and so on.

The part of their job is highly challenging as they have to confront with new and complex projects on the regular basis, which make them the veterans in their respective web development arena. With the use of their technical proficiency and tool knowledge, they can create highly imaginative and appealing web presence for myriads of business solutions dealing social networks, ecommerce and other web enabled internet applications.

The Software Programmers Vancouver are not only proficient in core coding and technology, but also superior in non-techie skills that help them to communicate well with their respective clients and understanding their requirements and specifications actively. If we talk about the technical proficiency of Vancouver developers at Essential designs then they are highly competent at database designs, mobile development, Cloud-SaaS development, C# development, PHP development, eCommerce development, web portals and business management software.

Outsourcing programmers have become a popular current trend to get over-the-top web development services. However there are many more things that one needs to know about while outsourcing software programmers Vancouver. You can discuss the in detail project details to let them understand your project better and at the same time you must determine the software or application you want them to code that best meets your business needs. They will guide precisely as per the complexity of your project and will develop a general outline of the software accordingly. After meeting every business criteria, you can select the outsourcing company.

If you are planning to have professional assistance for your web project then hire Vancouver software programmers from Essential designs and get unparalleled outsourcing solution at a highly reasonable budget.

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Extensions Which Make Magento Development Better

The integration of various platforms of the internet with businesses which are trying to thrive through the online platform is necessary. Without such tie ups taking a business forward to the online audience who use various social networking sites becomes very difficult or even almost impossible. Such developments are obtained by employing a Magento developer in the project.

In the virtual market place each and every entity plays a significant role in enhancing a business venture. These extensions are developed by Magento developers from all over the world to help themselves with their development and they share it to enhance other developers’ projects too. By doing this every Magento developer contributes efficiently to the Magento community. By opting for a Magento programmer a business solution can implement efficient extensions changing it to become more systematic and structured.

Magento Connect is an extension which helps a website or an E-Store to connect instantaneously with social media and social networking sites. These social media channels are various namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The current marketing trend depends very much on these entities to achieve even a modest goal. These media channels have revolutionized the way businesses were carried out and delivered to the people. Without these entities people nowadays ignore and do not even give attention to products and services.

The extension which helps users to write reviews for the online market or store is also provided by Magento. This works as an advantage in various ways and even if the comments posted by the user or customers are negative even that can be used as an advantage. Thus this makes it a win-win situation for the merchant as well as the Magento programmers who have worked on such extensions. If the comments posted by the users are positive then they can be used for marketing showcasing them as testimonials. On the other hand if the comments posted are negative, they can be analyzed properly and worked on. If such negative comments are taken seriously by the merchants and the programmers and worked towards eradicating them then the quality of the web store develops capably.

Another such extension is the Guest Book which acts as a platform which can be moderated to maintain a community using the website. Here the users or customers can come and leave a query which they have and can get their problems solved. By maintaining a forum where independent customers can interact with each other without severe moderation by the administrator the user base grows resulting in the marketing and publicizing of the establishment. This guestbook may also become a hindrance if too many spam queries get clogged up.

These are some of the efficient ways to use extensions to market a business venture in the online platform.


A Brief Overview on Ecommerce Development

Electronic commerce or commonly known as ecommerce is an electronic marketing system which allows selling and buying of products and services over the internet. Ecommerce development and its solutions have always comprised the organizations, businesses and companies around the world by serving as an excellent internet marketing model.

Being a selling and buying platform, solutions via ecommerce websites also aids the organizations in many other ways including increasing their business presence, allowing them to provide better customer service, increase their business efficiencies and to increase their return on investment. More importantly, ecommerce development provides a solution in the form of a web based software application which is easy to use and operate and requires almost no technical knowledge to maintain, edit and manage.

The major advantages of solutions via ecommerce development could be:

1. Serves as a prominent buying and selling platform over the internet.

2. Ecommerce development could be developed on both, Open Source platform as well as on Microsoft platform, based on the requirements of the stakeholder.

3. Ecommerce website includes an admin panel, which is web based software application which allows the stakeholder to easily manage and maintain every facet of the website including product catalog, merchandising, promotions, sales, customers, even contents such as texts, animation, images, and much more, without any technical knowledge.

4. Provides solution for an array of industries including retail, manufacturing, apparels, electronics, consumer goods and much more.

5. Can be integrated even for smartphone and tablet devices such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone / iPad and Windows Phone 7.

6. Complete product portfolio and catalogs can be integrated, along with audio and video streaming.

7. Allows the businesses to deal with customers, whole sellers and distributors by serving as both B2C and B2B model.

8. Aids the organizations in many other ways including increasing their business presence, allowing them to provide better customer service, increase their business efficiencies and to increase their return on investment.

9. User friendly interface with easy navigation between products and services.

10. Allows the organizations to manage clients, affiliates, vendors, customer data, MIS, modules and more, by acting as a complete product management tool.

11. Online payment gateways such as Visa, MasterCard, VeriSign, PayPal etc. could be integrated.

12. Can be incorporated with chat, email and SMS notification.

13. Serves as a complete online process of marketing, which includes developing, buying, selling, paying, delivering and servicing of products and services.

Inevitable to say that every business enterprise ranging from manufacturing to retail, marketing to sales, production to construction and to many more, is constantly searching for innovative and cutting edge technological solution which can allow them to increase their business efficiencies along with increased market presence, increase customer base, increased sales and better customer support. Solutions offered by ecommerce development have proven to be an effective and efficient measurement, meeting these chronic requirements of today’s businesses.

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Benefits of Getting Java Application Development – Most Rapidly Developing Technology

These days, Java is amongst the speediest growing technological innovations it is just an easy, object-oriented and powerful language which supplies beneficial strategy to every one of the people. It is really a free application; therefore the user does not have to pay even a single penny as the accreditation charge which enables it to utilize the application with overall flexibility. The programming platform can be useful for creating different types of energetic web applications to provide answers to the users. This is a favored technology that provides the consumer with the interface and light-weight apps.

The most important web application program is easy to get and is available in generally the entire cellular telephones, private digital assistance, computers, printing machines, etc. This is the reason that this platform has almost become a necessity in addition to the rising requirement of improvement every day making Java Application Development in Indian as well as in a foreign country to try to find a budding application development which offers to fetch the most recent as well as uncomplicated to make use of Java or J2ME apps.

The following advantages arise out of the Application:

Easy to use:

More often than not all the apps are small and easy to use; therefore they are acknowledged extensively all over the world.

Useful applications:

These apps are immeasurably practical and can be effortlessly downloaded from one machine to another with effortlessness.

Methodical network policy:

All these apps are established on network and offer a methodical way to generate apps.


Generally all the cell phone brands for instance LG, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung has OS which functions under the programming platform and this makes the platform much more accepted in the midst of the masses.

The network is established on open source:

Customers need not have to obtain licenses consistently as Java is from open source structure thus furnishing a variety of gains with the add-ins and much more.

Multilingual backup:

This software is endorsed with the multilingual facility as well as can be worked on different language platforms. People belonging to different places can effortlessly read and bond with the data and as a result the device gets accepted in all the most important places.

You can find a lot more benefits which may be supplied with the applications since it supports web and every other operating-system in a much protected way. Java database development is made up of small functions and libraries to handle various functions of content management and take away every one of the problems in the project. The database integration is simpler and less complicated in the event you compare to various software program developments.

Hiring Java Developers India for to develop your application on this platform is not a complicated mission as people can without problems employ a professional from a most important company who can convey the projects with no trouble. You will get all your aim accomplished on this platform without any difficulty.


5 Points to Keep in Mind While Designing Mobile Apps

Oscillating between deciding to go with Native Code or PhoneGap

PhoneGap enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, instead of often less-known languages such as Objective-C. The resulting applications are hybrid, meaning that they are neither truly native nor purely web based. PhoneGap uses a single code base for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 7, mobile web) whereas Objective C only supports iOS.

There are quite a few benefits of building a mobile app in Phone gap over native language. It just requires HTML5/CSS/Javascript skills vs. Objective-C or Java.

Considering the advantages of creating a mobile app in Phone gap, we worked on creating a Notes app for iPhone using this framework. We mostly had all the fields available with third party controls, so it took us very less time to make the app work. But the issues related to performance turned out to be a major ship stopper. We noticed a lag in performance when drawing the Inking, or fetching the screenshot of a typed URL.

5 points that can quickly help you decide

1) Startups in industries like fashion, photography, medicine and so on, planning to build consumer apps and looking for processing intensive apps that require functionalities like resizing the images, cropping them and storing them in different sizes; for this target group we recommend using native code.

2) If you absolutely require a neat interface flow that makes good smart phones such a joy to use, you must go with native app development as HTML 5 based apps run the risk of feeling jerky.

3) PhoneGap is also not recommended for apps that require functionality that makes lots of calls to the OS such as geo location.

4) On the other hand, PhoneGap is highly recommended for those looking for more cost effective cross platform development. Such apps are faster to market, easier to repurpose, relies on less costly, less specialist skills for implementation, and better suited to existing work flows in design / technology agencies.

5) For beginners starting from scratch, learning development in PhoneGap is no easier than starting to learn for native Android, iPhone, Windows phone, Symbian or any other.

What we advice

As clearly evident from this discussion, there are pros and cons to each approach. As a Company, we will continue using a mix of both approaches and take a decision based on the requirement of the app.

We recommended using PhoneGap with simple apps to get best coverage over multiple platforms with least effort. If application logic needs more phone specific features, then at first stage core app can be written in HTML5 and Javascript and extended with plugins which are written in native code by others or yourself.

Applications that rely heavily on phone building hardware is better to be written in native code, it makes the app perform better and nothing beats native code in compatibility.

Although Web technologies haven’t achieved the level of performance we can attain with native code, but it’s getting close. We’re hopeful that Web technologies will soon become indistinguishable from native experiences.


We Offer a Structural Designing Deliberation For Your Pc

Corporate marketing is a widely diversified sector which involves the designing and innovation of the website catering the needs and requirements of the customers. Commercial websites are the fundamental ingredient of a business marketing endeavors, branding and creating brand image in the mind of the audience. They also present interactive software elucidation that guarantees users a gratifying acquaintance and comprehensions. Oneit web solutions proffer its target segments that enhance the marketing plans by designing superior structures and manipulative scheming of the website which is at the ease of the customers. The dealers trading with the website marketers are healing intellectual tranquility and peace. The website offers incomparable values to the venture budget and financial plans. Perth website design amenities feature immense notions for slighter customers.

As commerce’s develops and accrue larger, it becomes tougher to uphold, systematize and employ higher. Worksheets and off the shelf catalogs can hamper production growth and enlargements. Database Perth is incorporated with supplementary software coordination to augment business competencies. They are formed differently to lodge software developments in the potential outlook. Database Perth at oneit Website Designing offers its customers with the situation and solution functionality and competence. An extensive Excel worksheet constancy of the data is been manipulated updated by oneit Website.

Oneit Website proffers software development and implementation of websites that are customized with data base and programming which are highly integrated and incorporated. Software development Western Australia is an Australian software firm that fully errors complimentary and supports the clients with value and customization. Software development Western Australia conveys influential software and catalog classifications with outstanding assessments because it acknowledges superior commerce. Software development Perth would enhance you with the pioneer designing, familiarity and technologies with efficient corporate budget and acknowledgments. Software development Perth is essentially the base structure for all project administrators, marketing professionals, designer, and traders. Perth allows complete content organization scheme and you can eliminate and modify any page in your website. You can also affix indefinite number of pages to your site.

A programmer is a database provided to the corporate firms authorizes a standard approach for distributing supporting and technologies to the websites. Programmer Western Australia is an Australian corporate which offers assurance to transport, and eminence support that one will not find an improved treaty elsewhere. Programmer Western Australia follows customary expansion attitude and use a typical set of apparatus and mechanisms for the better results. At oneit, we have established pathway verification proof. Our software’s are in pedestal to Perth and since last ten years we are proffering promising services to our clients.

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Pretty Hot Programmer

PHP, short for Hypertext Pre-processor, is a general purpose server side scripting language which has gained tremendous momentum in the field of web programming and development. From wikipedia to your favorite banking site, PHP powers more than 20 million domains on the world wide web. Being one of the first server sided programming languages to ever be developed, it has been adopted by the web programmer community fairly well. A PHP Programmer designs, develops and implements scripts based on the PHP language.

Usually, PHP Programmers use the scripting language to create dynamic and flexible web based applications. The information and content is stored in a database, preferably using MySQL. In such a set up, the programmer designs the scripts in such a way that they act as information retrievers, which access the database and display the appropriate content to the user. PHP Programmers find the language easy enough, as it is an open source platform for web development, and is maintained by a group of voluntary programmers who believe in collaborative programming.

Anyone can easily become a PHP Programmer with the aid of appropriate tools and information. However, to become a successful PHP programmer one has to develop a good foundation in HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This is because more often than not, PHP code is embedded into HTML based pages, which provides the best of both worlds, so to speak. Also, both of these programming languages have similar syntax rules. There are innumerable courses online that provide tutorials and courseware that can help learn PHP programming. These tutorials provide a holistic and generalized understanding of the programming language. However, reputed PHP programmers claim that being able to implement PHP code into a project is not enough, and that the PHP programmer needs to understand the underlying structural buildup of the language in order to excel in its use, and effective deployment.

Once a PHP programmer gets a project assignment, he performs a thorough analysis of the customer’s needs. Based on the requirements, he draws up a basic blue print that defines the generalized structure of the website to be built. The programmer then decides upon the methods he needs to adopt in order to achieve the desired results, and then begins the coding process. Once the coding phase is complete, the programmer starts debugging the entire site, looking for anomalies, vulnerabilities and code bugs. After the bug fixes if the customer needs any modifications, the PHP programmer finally deploys the project as a full fledged website.

PHP Programmers are not just responsible for coding and building web pages using the PHP language; more often than not, they are also tasked with debugging and testing of the web pages that they develop. This way, they not only build web sites, but also provide technical support to their customers. Apart from all this, freelance PHP programmers have the added perk of improving their portfolio, and thus highlighting their skills and abilities as PHP programmers. This is pretty much in high demand, as there is no dearth of website design/build projects.


How Dot Net Affects ROI?

An important point to keep in mind is that every new software designed helps in increasing revenue or decreasing cost. At the same time, one should also take into account the cost and time required to develop it, as these two are also important parameters that are taken into consideration by senior management. Web solutions developed should be on time and on budget.

There are many reasons why .Net is used in development of Software? How does it affect ROI?

Firstly, this language has many re-useable codes and re-useable components that a developer finds it easy, as he/she does not has to write many codes and thus, it takes less time to develop applications and in turn, less cost, which augments ROI. It means that software or an application developed has more chances of helping a company in increasing revenue or decreasing cost.

Secondly, scalability factor in .NET helps in appreciating ROI. It is helpful for a software development company that starts as a small organization, but grow very quickly. Applications developed in .NET helps in scaling and supporting additional load, which means less time is required in re-developing applications.

Thirdly, the maintainability aspect associated with .NET helps in lowering the total cost of software’s ownership. Due to easily modified configuration settings, one need not have to rewrite cede, which helps in maintenance of the software. It is therefore that maintenance of .Net software is quick and easy.

Fourthly, gone are the days, when software deployment was considered as an intricate task, due to number of DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) that a developer has to deploy and registered on a computer. It was a challenging task to make sure that all DLLs co-exist. At the same time, managing different versions was a bigger challenge.

.NET brought solution to all these problems by allowing different versions of similar DLL to exist simultaneously.

Fifthly, .NET is well known for being a reliable engine in designing of software. Software developers are very much pleased with the reliability of .NET running on different servers. It has incorporated checks and balances to ensure smooth running of a system, which is an important necessity of a business.

Sixthly, the security aspect has also been taken into consideration while framework. A single flaw can be fatal to the company and might lead to decreased customer confidence.

Seventhly, web solutions or applications developed in .NET can run on desktop, mobile, internet browser, PDA, etc, thus it helps in developing a cross platform. It allows developers to reuse codes and thus, use same development environment. It makes software more productive.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits, .NET has service-oriented architecture, interoperation with existing applications and integration with legacy system that add up to its advantages and thus, make it easy for a web development company in designing of robust applications.

It can be concluded that .NET has been much helpful to a software development company and has made its tasks of designing web applications much easier than what it used to be few years back.